GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool takes its first baby steps into the world

 In GiantLeaps

Today Koppert Cress’ corporate restaurant Rob & Bob was awarded the title ‘Climate Neutral Restaurant’ by Hutten and GiantLeaps. The GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool calculated the climate impact of the food served in the restaurant over 2017. The results: 4.3 ton CO2-equivalent. That is the same as driving around the world 5.25 times in your average car. The company behind the restaurant, Koppert Cress, chose to fully compensate their climate impact through Golden Standard Compensation Schemes.

Climate impact of food is a hot topic for a reason. Up to a third of all greenhouse gasses emitted can be attributed to the global food industry. The GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool gives restaurants and caterers insight in their climate impact and helps them to report and manage this impact.

The first version of the tool has been tested in cooperation with Dutch caterer Hutten at Koppert Cress’ corporate restaurant ‘Rob & Bob’. By handing over a certificate for first Climate Neutral restaurant, Hutten, Koppert Cress and GiantLeaps celebrate their joint success. Laura Heerema, GiantLeaps founder: ‘It is great to see that caterers and their customers recognize the need for our Impact Calculation Tool. It’s comparable to a speedometer. You need to know how fast you are driving in order to know if you’re speeding. Our tool creates awareness and stimulates serving a more climate friendly menu.’

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