Launch of #Fundright Bidbook

 In GiantLeaps

Last Wednesday #Fundright launched their bidbook with 200 inspring start-ups that were founded or ar run by women. GiantLeaps is honored to be featured in this bidbook amongst other amazing startups. 

The #Fundright bidbook was created to shut down the argument that there ‘simply aren’t enough female founded or led startups to invest in.’ Sounds like *** right? Well now they have proven it is. However, when looking at the numbers, investments by VCs are hardly ever made in gender diverse companies.

To create change, #Fundright was founded last July. The founding en supporting VC’s aim to strengthen the Dutch startup ecosystem by making is more divers. Inspired by the research of Janneke Niessen en Eva de Mol (d.d. 27-09-2018) and shared experiences of Eline Leijten, founder of Plugify and ambassador of diversity, the 25 founding VC’s have joined forces with Janneke, Eva en Eline and have started #Fundright.





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