Launch Wasted Dutch Delight

 In GiantLeaps

Last Friday Amsterdam got to taste bits of Climate Diet at the finale of the SDG-challenge in the SDG House: Wasted Dutch Delights. Climate Diet is a sustainable food initiative creating accessible recipes with master chefs around the globe to battle the effects of climate change. Every event is focused around a theme that either impacts or is impacted by food and climate change. This events theme: Food Waste.


The average Dutch person bins over 40 kg of food annually. Simply because we buy too much or don’t know how to use our leftovers. Soapbox South Africa, Fond Rotterdam and GiantLeaps teamed up to let the competing teams, their mentors and judges taste how delicious food from leftovers can actually be. Using ingredients that are amongst those we throw out the most and, in this case, would actually have gone to waste they created a well-known Dutch delicacy: croquettes. Showing just how delicious your leftovers actually are.


Eating this beauties instead of throwing out the ingredients actually has an impact which is much bigger than most guests could have guessed. GiantLeaps calculated that the ingredients needed for 1 Wasted Dutch Delight have the same CO2-equivalent as charging your iPhone 73 times. That means more than two months of iPhone usage. By being creative for with our leftovers every person can have a positive impact. Keep your eyes open for our next event. Let’s go Climate Diet!



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