GiantLeaps Impact Tool


The GiantLeaps Impact Tool

Manage the climate impact of the food you serve

The GiantLeaps Impact Tool is our online tool for caterers, restaurants, events and chefs that measures and helps manage the climate impact of the food served. 

The Impact Tool gives its users insight in their total impact, impact per visitor and how this number compares to the targets of the Paris Agreement. Graphs and infographics show which of the productgroups contribute most to the impact. This makes it easy to track if a restaurant is performing up to the standards set by stakeholders.

A key element of the tool is the ease with which results can be communicated and shared with guests in the restaurant in order to get them involved and raise awareness.

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Let us advise you about your food choice

Change your Impact

We reduce your footprint by measuring your food choice on our 5-point scale and co-design more sustainable menu items.

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Food consultancy

As Food consultant, we are experts in creating an engaging experience for your guest that is delicious and climate friendly.

  • We analyse the footprint of your food, co-define where you can have an impact, offer advice about recipes, and measure your results with our GiantLeaps Impact Tool.
  • We scale your dishes on our five point scale which is based on the targets of the Paris Agreement. Making it visible at a glance to your clients and guests what your impact is.
  • We use various ways to involve your stakeholders that will help you in your challenge to make sustainable food the logical choice. These ways involve, for example, guest challenges, developing sustainable purchasing strategies or offering advise about CO2 compensation.

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Sustainability workshops and training

We offer creative workshops and training material to make you the expert on reducing the climate impact of the food you serve. We have workshops food professionals and food enthusiasts who want to gain more knowledge about having a positive impact. 

We also offer a handbook including a 5-step do-it-yourself plan towards more sustainable food. This is included in the workshop price.

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Enhance your sustainability knowledge

Enhance your sustainability knowledge

Become the experts on the climate impact of food through our workshops.

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