Yoghurt Barn goes Climate Positive

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Yoghurt Barn goes climate positive with help of the GiantLeaps Impact Tool

It’s Earth Day! In these time an even better opportunity than other years to think about how we treat our planet and especially how we want to treat her once the world slowly opens up again. One company has made a clear statement: They will operate climate positive from today onwards.

Yoghurt Barn has used the GiantLeaps Impact Tool since the start of 2020 to measure the climate impact of the food they serve on a monthly basis. This gave owner Wouter Staal the information he needed to make the decision if going climate positive was feasible.

How does going climate positive work? 

The first step is to measure the full climate impact of the organization and its operations. The GiantLeaps Impact Tool measures the total impact of the food going through the Yoghurt Barn outlets and gives insight into which quantities the different food products contribute to that impact. Now that the base case is set, the next step is working towards a more climate friendly offering by looking at menu and talking with suppliers. I.e. we’re activating the chain. The last step is to compensate 110 % of the climate impact made.

Some Yoghurt Barns are currently open for take-away. At GiantLeaps we can’t wait until we can give the Yoghurt Barn team a big high five on this step as frontrunner in the industry and share a bowl of their Winter Wonderland!

Want to know more? Check out the website of the Yoghurt Barn

All Images in this post are owned by the Yoghurt Barn

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